Counterflow heat exchangers

Wide range of variants, superior performance

Discover our wide-ranging portfolio of counterflow heat exchangers for ventilation systems with different requirements.

C-HRV heat exchangers

With the highest transfer efficiencies, our C-HRV counterflow heat exchangers are the ideal solution for every ventilation system with heat recovery. The products, which are based on the counterflow principle, offer a comprehensive range of different variants and specifications.

  • A wide range of designs in numerous variants
  • Washable and hygiene certified
  • Long product life with excellent transfer values

C-ERV enthalpy exchangers

Our C-ERV counterflow enthalpy exchangers feature unique CORE polymer membrane technology. It allows both humidity and heat to be transferred to a fresh supply air. Pathogens, odors and pollutants are released directly outside as the air is exchanged.

  • A wide range of designs in numerous variants
  • Highly sensitive and latent transfer capacity
  • Zero condensation trap within design parameters, lower freezing limits, and higher overall efficiency

F-ERV enthalpy exchangers for large ventilation systems

The performance and size of our F-ERVs make them perfect for use in large centralized units. At the same time, they are more lightweight and easier to handle than conventional solutions.

  • Innovative shapes 
  • Weight-reduced design
  • Easy to handle
  • Optimized performance

New revolutionary Enthalpy Exchanger
with Formable Membrane: F-ERV 366

Equipped with our revolutionary formable polymer membrane technology, the new CORE F-ERV 366 combines the benefits of an enthalpy exchanger with the flexibility and efficiency of a heat exchanger.


The right solution for modern ventilation systems

Ventilation systems need to meet ever-growing requirements: New building regulations create airtight buildings. This requires the regular, active exchange of stale air – to ensure a pleasant indoor environment without mold growth and to ensure structural integrity. With CORE, you can count on uniquely powerful counterflow heat exchangers and be assured of ventilation systems that meet the requirements of both today and tomorrow.

Patented technology

Today, heat exchangers are at the heart of every modern ventilation system. Whether in a commercial or residential setting, air exchange with energy recovery is integral in today’s environmentally friendly building operations. The right heat exchanger technology is crucial for the energy-efficient exchange of air. Our wide-ranging portfolio of counterflow heat exchangers is based on a unique, patented channel structure. This ensures optimal separation as the incoming and outgoing air flow thermodynamically past each other.

High efficiency

All of our counterflow heat exchangers deliver especially high transfer efficiency. The innovative flow principle guides the air flows past each other through a large number of small square channels. This allows heat to be exchanged on all four sides, resulting in much higher efficiency than with conventional plate heat exchangers. For your customers, this means improved comfort and significant cost savings.

Your advantages at a glance

Highest efficiency

Thanks to the patented, unique counterflow principle, our heat exchangers are among the most efficient in the world.

Hygienic humidity transfer

CORE polymer membrane technology provides lasting protection from even the smallest organisms and viruses and prevents mold formation.

High transfer capacity

The high transfer capacity gives you high efficiency rates for energy-efficient, future-proof ventilation systems.

Custom-fit air volume

Large and small solutions for a variety of applications in residential or commercial buildings.

Wide-ranging portfolio

Standard portfolio for a wide range of different technical requirements.

Do you have highly particular specifications?

We would be happy to design counterflow heat exchangers that meet your specific requirements. In addition to a broad portfolio of standard solutions for residential and commercial applications, we also offer made-to-order production. Learn more about our customized solutions.

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