Heat recovery – a fascinating subject

Technical details, helpful information, compelling stories: You’ll gain insight into how our heat and enthalpy exchangers work, learn about their benefits, and discover all aspects of heat recovery.

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How does heat recovery work?

When it comes to sustainable, energy-efficient building, there’s no getting around the topic of heat recovery. We explain what heat recovery is and why you should choose heat exchangers from CORE for ventilation systems with heat recovery.

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What is a heat exchanger?

What exactly is a heat exchanger and how do these fascinating components improve energy efficiency? This is where you can learn how heat exchangers work and what matters when choosing the right heat exchanger.

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Counterflow vs. crossflow heat exchanger

What are the different types of heat exchangers? How do they work? And when is which solution suitable? We’ll explain all about the different types of heat exchangers.

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What is an enthalpy exchanger?

What is meant by enthalpy? And what is the difference between a heat exchanger and an enthalpy exchanger? We explain the term and the differences between the two products.

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The membrane in enthalpy exchangers

What is a membrane? And what role does it play in an enthalpy exchanger? We explain what a membrane is and how it enables the transfer of moisture.

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