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The right heat exchanger for every ventilation system

Whether in residential buildings, schools, universities, or office buildings: Nowadays, ventilation systems need to meet a wide variety of requirements. A key factor in the performance of a ventilation system is the optimal design of the heat exchanger. We have exactly the right heat or enthalpy exchanger for every requirement. Discover our wide-ranging portfolio of counterflow heat exchangers and crossflow heat exchangers in a standard design. Additionally, we can also meet special requirements with our custom-fit, situation-specific solutions.

Counterflow heat exchanger

Wide range of variants, superior performance: Discover our high-performance counterflow heat and enthalpy exchangers.

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Crossflow heat exchanger

Proven technology, low maintenance: Discover our portfolio of crossflow heat and enthalpy exchangers.

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Customized solutions

Individual support, custom-fit products: We are ready to customize our heat and enthalpy exchangers to meet the individual requirements of your ventilation system.

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CORE – leading manufacturer of heat exchangers since 1994

Air is quality of life. An optimal indoor environment keeps you healthy. Beyond that, it also has a very practical benefit: Good indoor air ultimately preserves a sound building structure. Reasons enough not to compromise when it comes to choosing the right heat exchanger for your ventilation system.

As a leading manufacturer of heat and enthalpy exchangers for residential and commercial buildings, we have made it our mission to produce heat exchangers of outstanding quality. Our products impress with their long service life, extensive certifications and the highest heat recovery efficiencies. These give your ventilation systems the best possible performance – and contribute to your customers’ quality of life. That is what we mean when we say: Improving life at its core.

Innovative product development

We are constantly working on the further development of our products in cooperation with our customers and external research partners. In our facilities and laboratories, we have the latest technologies at our disposal for developing and testing new materials and processes.

Applications for heat exchangers

Our heat exchangers improve the indoor environment in a wide range of industries and buildings: in residential as well as in commercial buildings. Discover the full potential of our heat and enthalpy exchangers.

Residential buildings

Helping to promote well-being at home, our heat and enthalpy exchangers ensure an optimal indoor environment and contribute to the health of residents – whether it’s an owner-occupied home or an apartment complex.

Commercial buildings

Our heat and enthalpy exchangers reduce health risks through an efficient exchange of air wherever many people meet and share indoor air.


Our heat and enthalpy exchangers are suitable for both centralized and decentralized applications. Together with the ventilation system, they provide an optimal indoor environment for every room, even in complex buildings such as hotels, ensuring that guests are happy and satisfied.

Sports facilities

Many people, large spaces: Our heat exchangers perform exactly as needed to ensure optimal indoor air in even the most demanding applications, such as sports facilities.

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