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For a better climate – in your rooms and on our planet

Since 1994, we have made it our mission to improve people’s quality of life. And nothing affects our lives and health as much as the air we breathe. That’s why we ensure a healthy climate worldwide with our heat and enthalpy exchangers. On a large scale as well as on a small one: Because our products not only improve the indoor air, but also do not produce any exhaust gases or consume any energy in the process – making them an active contribution to climate protection. So that future generations will still have healthy air to breathe.


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New product innovation “Blue Dot”

We are now getting to the heart of energy recovery and sustainability with our new C-HRV 366-LL heat exchanger, the “Blue Dot”.

Cooperation with Goflow Technology

Our heat exchangers are a crucial component in Goflow’s vertical ventilation system, which provides schools with clean indoor air.

Article about our heat exchangers

Read the article to find out how our products enable innovative heat recovery – and how this helps protect financial resources and the environment.

Things to know

Interesting facts about heat recovery

What actually is heat recovery? Why is it worthwhile? And what is the difference between a heat exchanger and an enthalpy exchanger? In our technical articles we have summarized exciting knowledge for you. Discover the world of heat recovery and find out why you should rely on heat and enthalpy exchangers from CORE.

Products and solutions

Our portfolio at a glance

No matter what the requirements of your ventilation system are: You will always find the right heat or enthalpy exchanger with us. Discover our wide portfolio of counterflow heat exchangers and crossflow heat exchangers in standard design. Or learn how you can also benefit from a customized heat exchanger in your ventilation system.

Counterflow heat exchanger

Wide range of variants, top results: Discover our high-performance counterflow heat exchangers and enthalpy exchangers.

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Crossflow heat exchanger

Proven technology, low maintenance: discover our portfolio of crossflow heat and enthalpy exchangers.

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Customized solutions

Individual consulting, custom-fit products: Of course, we will customize our heat and enthalpy exchangers to the individual requirements of your ventilation system on request.

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Improving life at its core: Find out what makes us a market-leading manufacturer of heat and enthalpy exchangers.

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Together we can discuss your individual ventilation system needs, with heat or enthalpy exchangers that fit exactly to your specifications. You have questions? Our experts will be happy to support you.

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Do more than just have a career – shape lives around the world in a more sustainable, energy-efficient and healthy way. And do it together with an international team.
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