What happens when the two world leaders in ERV Exchangers unite? The future of energy recovery is formed. Introducing CORE Energy Recovery Solutions.

CORE Energy Recovery Solutions was formed when dPoint Technologies Inc. (dPoint), based in Vancouver, Canada and Paul Wärmerückgewinnung GmbH (PAUL), based in Reinsdorf, Germany joined together to form one global team striving to be the leaders in Energy Recovery Ventilation Components.

The combination of these two highly complementary teams creates a stronger, globally diversified company with a broader range of products and services, and is well-positioned to be leaders in the rapidly growing market for energy recovery ventilation exchangers through their expanded expertise and broader geographical reach.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

  • It is our aim to be the first choice for our customer and partners. We ask the right questions to understand their needs. We invest in long-term collaboration with our customers. To create a win-win situation is always our target.


  • We do business in a sustainable way and honest manner. We care for the environment.
  • We have and show respect, no matter what culture, what gender, what function or what seniority our colleagues have, we value their contribution.


  • We have a positive attitude towards our colleagues, based on trust and mutual respect.
  • We lead by trust not with control. This includes the right to make mistakes and willingness to learn from them.


  • We want to learn from our customers, our competitors, our partners and our colleagues from all different areas and cultures.


  • We communicate in a direct way and share experience with our colleagues.

North American Team