European customers visit Germany for the premiere of the new CORE enthalpy exchanger with formable membrane

The regular personal exchange with our customers is the basis for the leading technology and first-class quality of all CORE enthalpy and heat exchangers. Last Wednesday we welcomed numerous customers from all over Europe to our factory in Germany. Together we were able to take a look behind the scenes of our modern heat exchanger production.

Exciting program points and presentations

During a detailed tour of our production facilities, the visitors learned all about the individual production steps of our enthalpy and heat exchangers, our modern manufacturing technologies and our careful quality testing procedures, such as the leak test of each end product.

The visitors were then given an insight into our CORE laboratory, where we test and develop our products under extreme conditions to create new innovations.

There was also interesting scientific input in the keynote speech by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hartmann (ITG Institute for Technical Building Services Dresden) on the topic of “Ventilation with heat recovery as a key technology in modern buildings”.

Exclusive premiere of our new enthalpy exchanger with formable membrane

Afterwards, Christian Hirsch (Head of Research, Development and Innovation, CORE Reinsdorf) gave an exciting presentation on the requirements and possibilities of modern heat and moisture recovery.

As a highlight of the day, he gave an outlook on future solutions and presented the new enthalpy exchanger “CORE F-ERV 366” with a formable membrane for the first time. After an exciting Q&A session, our guests were able to hold the new F-ERV 366 in their own hands and inspect it extensively.

Formable membrane technology offers numerous advantages

The formable polymer membrane presented will replace the previous technology for the production of enthalpy exchangers in the future and offers numerous advantages. Thanks to its formability, it creates a channel structure that provides even more surface area for the exchange of heat and moisture in the air. The results are efficient and hygienic heat exchangers that are particularly reliable in preventing the transmission of viruses, bacteria and mold spores in the supply air.

The improvements of the new generation of enthalpy exchangers at a glance:

– Increased and optimized heat transfer
– Improved moisture transfer
– Moderate pressure loss
– Lower weight
– More design options and faster development
– Improved sustainability through lower material usage and better recycling conditions
– Fewer production steps

Journey through the history of the audi brand

To round off the day, the customers also went on a journey through the automotive history of the Audi (lat. Horch) brand at the August Horch Museum in Zwickau. Like CORE Germany, this brand has its origins in the Zwickau region and once again demonstrates the long tradition of innovative developments at CORE’s German site. Afterwards, we ended the day with dinner.

Thank you to all participants

Many thanks to all participants for the visit and the interesting exchange. We look forward to continuing to work together on exciting projects to achieve our common goal: The creation of an optimal indoor climate through the development of innovative solutions.

Would you also like to take a look behind the scenes of our production of innovative enthalpy and heat exchangers or do you have questions about current and future projects? Then please feel free to contact us.

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