Our Core Benefits


Fresh Air with a core that is washable and mold & bacteria resistant


With no moving parts, our ERV’s don’t fail


Latent recovery with low contamination cross-over


Our skilled team offer knowledgeable and prompt support


CORE Energy Recovery Solutions is able to offer a variety of solutions for any residential or commercial application. We manufacture our exchangers in both North America and Europe, with manual and state-of-the-art automated manufacturing processes that ensure we produce the highest quality exchanger. We test every single exchanger we manufacture and guarantee each product will perform as promised.

Crossflow ERVs

Crossflow exchangers are the most popular type of heat exchanger in North America and feature a lower pressure drop than counterflow exchangers. Our crossflow exchangers feature our patented polymer membrane that allow both sensible and latent energy recovery, are water washable and with no moving parts, are very low maintenance, making them the ideal solution for projects ranging from multi-unit residential to schools, health care and other commercial applications.

In crossflow exchangers, the supply air and exhaust air are conducted perpendicularly to each other, allowing the transfer of energy from one airstream to another without the crossover of contaminants.

Our crossflow ERVs come in two different models; M-Series and X-Series.

How Crossflow ERVs Work

Inside every CORE Energy Recovery Solutions exchanger is our patented polymer membrane. This polymer membrane transfers both heat and humidity from one air stream to another driven by thermal differences and the partial pressure difference of water vapour between the streams.

The membrane separates the two air streams and has a thin dense polymer barrier layer which allows the water vapour to absorb and permeate through, while blocking the transfer of gases, VOC’s and other contaminant compounds.


The new M-Series crossflow exchangers are built with our latest membrane and exchanger technology. Produced on our new fully automated assembly line, the M-Series exchangers offer higher latent effectiveness and lower pressure drop than previous generations of fixed plate enthalpy exchangers.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Manufactured in six standard plate sizes (250mm, 309mm. 575mm, 600mm, 750mm, 1000mm)
  • 50% lower pressure drop on supply air side
  • Sturdy aluminum frame construction for commercial applications
  • Lower frosting temperature (-10°C to -15°C – 14°F to 5°F) and shorter defrosting time
  • Water washable
  • Shorter lead times


The X-Series of enthalpy exchangers recover both heat and humidity using our proprietary membrane technology. They are manufactured in several plate sizes up to a maximum of 31” (787mm).

Benefits at a glance:

  • Water washable
  • No moving parts
  • <1% EATR
  • 100% leak tested at our facility
  • Sturdy aluminum frame construction for commercial applications
  • Withstands up to 12” pressure differential between airstreams

Counterflow HRVs

Our heat exchangers are indispensable components within ventilation systems. They are responsible for energy efficient heating in air-tight rooms and therefore responsible for a comfortable climate within these rooms.

HRV exchangers are ideal for applications with high humidity, like locker rooms and pools, that don’t require moisture recovery.

In counterflow exchangers, the two airstreams flow parallel to one another, which allows for higher effective energy recovery.

C Series - HRV

The C-HRV series is our counterflow HRV series which will be available in North American this year.

  • Long life-time
  • High sensible transmission performance
  • Hygiene certificate (depends on the type)
  • 100 % leakage tested
  • Thanks to the unique and patented channel structure, high energy
  • Recovery rates are achieved
  • Fire behaviour class E after DIN EN 13501 -1 (depends on the type)
  • Low pressure drop optimised versions