Facility Management and Health & Safety Officer (m/f/d)

Vancouver (Canada)

Full time

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To strengthen our Maintenance at the site in Vancouver, Canada, we are immediately looking for a:

Facility Management and Health & Safety Officer (m/f/d)


  • Permanent employment
  • Attractive compensation
  • Extensive training in a modern work setting
  • Appealing working environment


  • Overseeing all aspects of the building, facility, and infrastructure to support efficient business operations
  • Ensuring that the operations follow appropriate health and safety procedures and guidelines
  • Support to different functions within the organization and maintain a high level of professionalism, manage issues discretely and preserve confidentiality

Facility Management

  • Manage facility improvements, repairs, upgrades, modifications, expansions & oversees acquisition, installation and commissioning of equipment that is required for the facility (IT Systems, security, air conditioning etc.)
  • Anticipate future facility needs and identifies potential locations
  • Identify infrastructure needs (i.e. security, phone, electrical, storage, parking etc.)
  • Examine opportunities to reduce overhead costs and to apply environmentally friendly practices
  • Interact with building owner/landlord regarding contractual obligations or contractual modifications (i.e. change to lease term, leasehold improvements etc.)
  • Maintain accurate records that may include: floor layout, building drawings, maintenance records, asset lists, instructions (i.e. alarms, security systems)
  • Support the implementation of manufacturing related infrastructure improvements (such as warehouse lighting, compressed air systems, equipment improvements)
  • Manage all remote facilities (warehouses, accommodations) and oversees inventory and property movements between facilities
  • Assess the current condition of electrical, air conditioning, plumbing and other essential facilities and equipment. Establishes maintenance plan
  • Develop back-up or alternative systems for common problems such as power shortage, phone or internet disruption
  • Ensure the safety of the building from fire, flood and other hazards
  • Manage services such as phone, alarm, access cards, shredding, outdoor bins, cleaners, landscapers, snow removal etc.
  • Interact with local government to ensure compliance with bylaws or to request exemptions

Health & Safety

  • Create and maintain safety policies consistent with regulations and guidelines
  • Deliver safety orientation for new employees and train employees on proper procedures
  • Advise and instruct on various safety-related topics (noise levels, use of machinery etc.)
  • Conduct risk assessment periodically and enforce preventative measures
  • Initiate and organize OHS training of employees and management when necessary
  • Inspect premises and operations to identify safety issues or non-conformity (e.g. not using protective equipment, unsafe use of equipment)
  • Oversee installations, maintenance, disposal of substances etc.
  • Stop any unsafe acts of employees or processes that seem dangerous or unhealthy
  • Record and investigate incidents to determine causes and support employee compensation claims
  • Manage training records for First Aid Attendants and ensure appropriate staffing
  • Ensure appropriate supply, availability and use of PPE
  • Oversee the application and installation of appropriate safety signage
  • Coordinate safety drills and evacuation plans
  • Coordinate and interface with WCB and Worksafe BC as required
  • Report Safety Metrics to management and provide employees with appropriate updates (during town halls etc.)
  • Maintain safety related records (Worksafe BC assessments, incident reports, MSDS etc.)
  • Other duties as required


Knowledge, Skills and Professional Characteristics

  • Excellent communication, problem solving and organizational skills; ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize activities
  • Positive attitude and enjoys working in a fast-paced environment with diverse teams
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Teams, SharePoint)
  • Embraces change and interested in operational improvements
  • Ability to lift ~20 lbs/9 kg


  • 4+ years in Facility Management and Health and Safety
  • Participation in JHSC (Joint Health and Safety Committee)
  • Working in a manufacturing environment with mechanical and electrical systems


  • Post–secondary education
  • Fluent in English-spoken and written
  • First Aid training/Safety Officer training/Material Handling-Forklift training

If you find yourself reflected in this job specification, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Please submit a cover letter and resume as part of your application.

CORE Energy Recovery Systems is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination of any kind.

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