James Dean, CEO of CORE, along with Stuart Hood, Managing Principal of Integral Group, and Marcel Studer, Principal of Econ Group, gave a successful presentation at the North American Passive House Network in Pittsburg, PA, on October 20th, 2018. Below is a PDF version of the presentation given.

We’re looking forward to exhibiting again at AHR 2019 in Atlanta, January 14th – 16th – come meet the CORE team and experience our interactive CORE booth #B4285!

James Dean, CEO of CORE Energy Recovery Solutions, cordially invites you to our Open House Event & Facility Tour, October 2nd from 4-7 PM.

Meet our CORE Team!

See our New State-of-the-Art, Fully Automated Manufacturing Line! Network with Industry Professionals!

James Dean, CEO of CORE Energy Recovery Solutions, will be speaking at the North American Passive House Network 2018, from October 17th to 21st, 2018, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center (DLCC) in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Our latest video featuring CORE in Residential Buildings.

I’ve decided to write a blog to track this exciting journey that we’ve embarked on to build a net zero energy home. One of the reasons for wanting to build this house is to educate people on the potential to build a home that produces more energy than it uses, is comfortable, healthy, beautiful and doesn’t cost much more than a conventional home. I hope those who follow this will comment to provide us with their thoughts and ideas.

James Dean, CEO CORE



CORE will be launching our new brand at AHR 2018, in Chicago. Please come by our booth and meet our team and check out our newest line of ERVs, M-Series. We’ll also be displaying our counterflow ERVs, which we will soon be bringing to North America.

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What happens when the two world leaders in ERV Exchangers unite?

The future of energy recovery is formed.

Introducing CORE Energy Recovery Solutions: the union of dPoint, North America’s premiere manufacturer of Commercial and Residential ERV cores and polymer membranes, plus Paul, Europe’s leader in high-efficiency Counter-flow Residential ERV and HRV exchangers.Together, the combined team represents the next generation of ERV through an unmatched combination of leading technologies, best in class production, global reach and the shared mission to improve lives and conserve energy for people and the buildings they live and work in.

1. What are the benefits for our customers?

Our customers will benefit from expanded product offerings, superior solutions and a strong technical team to support them. We will also be able to respond faster with more innovative products.

2. Why did you pick the name CORE?

It’s a small word that has a big meaning for our company and like its definition, it is the perfect word that describes what we create “The CORE” – one of the central, innermost, essential technologies in a ventilation system that make buildings healthy and energy efficient.

3. What does the CORE logo represent?

The Infinity Loop in our logo represents the continuous flow of Fresh Air through a ventilation system and the home.

4. What is your slogan?

“Improving Life at Its CORE” because our products improve the health of people, reduce energy consumption and help make our planet more sustainable.

5. How many employees are there at CORE?

We have 165 employees with 80 in Vancouver and 85 in Reinsdorf.

6. What new products can we expect from CORE?

We have launched a new cross-flow core in North America called Mustang which can handle larger airflows (6000cmh/3500cfm), has higher latent effectiveness and lower pressure drop. We have a new commercial counter-flow core for Europe with high performance from a formable membrane.We are getting ready to launch a new membrane called Gryphon that has higher latent effectiveness and blocks odour cross-over.