Our History

dPoint Technologies

The North American leader in R&D and manufacturing of membranes and Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) exchangers that improve the energy efficiency, health, and comfort of buildings. The dPoint ERV technology allows the recovery of heat and humidity from building ventilation systems while preventing the cross-over of gases and contaminants from exhaust air to the fresh air stream. dPoint has many of the leading global HVAC Manufacturers as customers/partners. dPoint was recognized by Profit magazine three years in a row as one of Canada’s 100 fastest growing companies as well as one of the Top 15 Cleantech companies by Deloitte.


German-based pioneers and heat exchanger and manufacturing technology leaders of the residential ventilation industry in Europe. The company’s innovative heat recovery systems and heat exchangers are protected by various patents and have received numerous awards including the German Innovation Prize. Paul is particularly renowned as a company with a wealth of experience in Passivhaus buildings.

In 2009, these two companies from different continents began a working relationship, with dPoint supplying their innovative polymer membranes for use in PAUL’s high-efficiency counter-flow ERV cores. Individually these two technologies were industry leading, but when combined, their technology was revolutionary and is now the market leader for ERV Cores in Europe with over 80% of the market share.

Fast forward to 2018, dPoint (now CORE Energy Recovery Solutions) and PAUL both subsidiaries of Swiss Zehnder Group AG, have combined their passion for creating healthy building systems, innovative products, and world-class engineering under the trade name “CORE Energy Recovery Solutions”.

Zehnder Group AG (Zehnder)

Zehnder Group AG develops, produces, and markets indoor climate products and systems in Europe, North America, and China. It offers designer radiators for use in the bathrooms, kitchens, WC, home exercise studios, or hobby rooms; and indoor ventilation systems, as well as clean air systems. The company also provides heating and cooling ceiling systems. Zehnder Group AG offers its products for production halls and warehouses, exhibition rooms and showrooms, sports halls, offices, schools, hospitals, detached houses, and apartments. Zehnder stands for energy-efficient products and solutions for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate to help to improve quality of life. Comfortable indoor ventilation from Zehnder ensures a healthy and comfortable indoor climate in an energy-efficient way, promoting occupant concentration and productivity and increasing the property value. Heating and cooling ceilings from Zehnder are an energy-efficient heating and cooling solution, creating a perfect indoor climate without dust diffusion. Industrial air cleaning systems from Zehnder provide a clean and healthy working environment. They reduce the level of dust in the air and increase the productivity of employees and machines. As a leading innovator, Zehnder Group employs 3000 people globally. The company was founded in 1895 and is headquartered in Gränichen, Switzerland.