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What happens when the two world leaders in ERV Exchangers unite? The future of energy recovery is formed. Introducing CORE Energy Recovery Solutions.

CORE was formed when dPoint Technologies Inc. (dPoint), based in Vancouver, Canada and Paul Wärmerückgewinnung GmbH (PAUL), based in Reinsdorf, Germany joined together to form one global team striving to be the leaders in Energy Recovery Ventilation Components.

The combination of these two highly complementary teams creates a stronger, globally diversified company with a broader range of products and services, and is well-positioned to be leaders in the rapidly growing market for energy recovery ventilation exchangers through their expanded expertise and broader geographical reach.

We saw an incredible opportunity in bringing these two passionate teams together to create CORE, the global leader in energy recovery. At CORE we’re proud of the products that we produce, essentially providing healthier air for people to breathe and contributing to a more sustainable planet.

James Dean, CEO of CORE Energy Recovery Solutions

CORE Products

CORE designs and produces air-to-air heat exchangers for a wide range of residential to commercial applications. From multi-unit residential, education and healthcare to high performance Passive House projects, CORE provides the best solutions for high performance, hygienic, and low maintenance applications.


High Efficiency Counterflow Heat Exchangers

Counterflow Heat and Enthalpy Exchangers providing the highest sensible and latent effectiveness for residential and light commercial markets



Versatile Crossflow Heat Exchangers

M-Series Crossflow Enthalpy Cores in 6 standard sizes covering a large range of air flows (50-3500 cfm) in a single core with low pressure drop and low gas crossover for residential and commercial markets



CORE at AHR 2018

CORE will be launching our new brand at AHR 2018, in Chicago. Please come by our booth and meet our team and check out our newest line of ERVs, M-Series. We'll also be displaying our counterflow ERVs, which we will soon be bringing to North America.

CORE Brand Launch

dPoint Technologies and Paul are proud to announce they have formed one team under the new name of CORE Energy Recovery Solutions (CORE) to create a global leader in energy recovery ventilation (ERV) components.

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North America

1455 East Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC, V5L 2A9



7 August-Horch-Straße
Reinsdorf, 08141

+49 375-303 505 0